What should a CFO know?

Wall Street Bull by Sylvain Leprovost on FlickrIRC 409A, software code escrow agreements, best format for cap tables, reporting systems, ASU 2009-13, best practices for capitalizing software development, … how is a CFO supposed to understand the vast number of topics in his/her realm?

If you are like me, you probably have a broad idea of the answer to this question about the role of a CFO, VP of Finance, or whatever the top financial position in a particular company’s organizational structure is. However, do you really know details of the key areas where you will be called upon to make decisions as a CFO?

I’ll admit that I didn’t even know what I didn’t know when I started on the path to the top financial role. In fact, I now realize that there are so many areas that affect my company that also fall in my area that keeping up requires a proactive effort.

Solution: Use this vast list of topics and resources

Many years ago I started recording topics in a large Excel list as I realized that I needed to learn more about a particular topic. Rather than keep this list to myself I want to share it with everyone. I’ve been helped so many times in my career that I feel it is my a duty to share. As a result, this site was born.

You will notice that the site is not quite fleshed out. I decided to release it as I complete pieces of it. I hope you’ll find the site a good one to bookmark for ongoing reference as you continue your professional development.